Vlad Nov is a Russian web developer who completed his higher education in London. He studied classical music and jazz in Russia, but also had the opportunity to work as a researcher studying productivity and web development.

He loves music, studying productivity, and writing on the internet. This is his web page and blog where he shares what he has learned about those topics.


JavaScript 8 years

SQL 6 years

Express.js 5 years

Node.js 5 years

React 3 years

Graph QL 3 years

MongoDB 4 years


Freelance Software Engineer

2014 - Present: Learned complex programming languages like JavaScript, Python, SQL, and PHP by taking courses on Codecademy or Coursera and then writing programs from scratch using nothing but Google search results as guidance. Built the API systems with GraphQL and Node.js for a database management platform.

NVision Group Project Manager

2019 - Present: Software engineer at NVision Group. Countless hours spent with my computer have led me to develop a taste for Linux and open source software that I have helped bring into the company.


2021 - Present: I had my work published in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. I self-published my first vegan recipe cookbook.


University of West London — Computer Science

2014 - 2020: College is a time for exploring one’s identity and getting to know oneself. For Vlad, it was also the time when he discovered his passion for engineering. He found out that mathematics resonates with him and helped develop analytical thinking in an interesting way. College gave him freedom of self-expression and enabled him to explore different possibilities in life.


LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlad-nov/

Github: https://github.com/vladnov