I've been a musician, producer, performer, businessman, and even wrote my own cookbook. I was born in Russia and now live in London.

My life has had many twists and turns. I started playing the instruments at age four and as a teenager went on to study music composition. As my family left Russia for the UK when I was a teenager (my father lost his position with an oil company), this led me to explore other forms of creativity that eventually turned into making music as well as juggling fire-eating tricks during street performances all over New York City (that was a joke 🤣).

From early on I had an interest in mixing my love of science and electronics with music. This eventually led me to create a number of projects that incorporate modern technology by working at Nvision Group. This is a company of businessmen, esigners and engineers who work with phone networks, electronics, energy technologies and other developments. I also worked as a freelancer where I received a formal training in art and music. Through my work at Nvision Group I was able to develop a personal project where I worked to try to update our javascript team. Through this work I was able to gain experience in the creative industry where I have been able to develop expertise. I am currently working freelance for various companies that use my skills as an artist and designer and at the same time I continue to build up my portfolio. One of these projects has involved me writing about new technologies for technical users, such as myself.